General info

Conference info

Where? - Osijek, Croatia

When? - 19th - 22nd April 2018

Accomodation - Hotel Osijek (single and double rooms)

City tour - a professional tour of Belje vineyards and wine cellars, tasting included

City Tour

A small City tour will be prepared for all participants arriving on 18th of April, 2018. or departing after 12:00 on 22nd of April, 2018. We are aware that some participants aren’t able to arrive or depart at an ideal time so we will prepare the City tour to fill out their day. During this three to four hour tour we will show you our small city and its wonderful history. The tour is free of charge because our volunteers would be happy to show you the city, but some of the planned activities might come at an additional cost (providing you want to do those activities).

We have prepared small presentation for all of you who are interested.

Also, here is small LINK where you can register until 15th of April 2018.


Travel info


Osijek Zagreb

Airport to Central Bus Station in Zagreb (Shuttle)


We highly suggest you to choose airport in Zagreb because it has a lot of flights every day and it is really easy to reach Osijek by bus. Also, Airport in Zagreb has Shuttle (to Central Bus Station in Zagreb) which is available every half of an hour for the price of 30.00HRK(4€). When you reach Central Bus Station in Zagreb with Shuttle you have plenty of buses which can drive you to Osijek (it is frequently used route). Zagreb to Osijek (280km).

Budapest, Belgrade and Osijek Airport we don't suggest you to choose (there are several problems-flights are not frequent, connection with Osijek is really bad). If you still decide to go from this airports, here are several links that can help.

Airport in Budapest Bus from/to Budapest Airport in Belgrade Bus from/to Belgrade


Bus Croatia APP bus Autotrans bus Čazmatrans bus

We suggest you to travel by bus because there is Shuttle to Central Bus Station in Zagreb (from Airport in Zagreb). Also there is a lot of private bus companies and it is not hard to find bus to Osijek every 1-2 hours. If you choose to travel from Zagreb to Osijek (by bus) price of the ticket will be from 120.00-130.00 HRK (16-17€). We suggest you buying tickets online at Bus Croatia or Autotrans web pages (link above). Write you destination (Zagreb-Osijek) and date (19.04.2018.) press ''Search''. After you get result of search, choose bus which fit you the most. Online paying can be in any currency.


Because there is no direct bus from Airport in Zagreb to Hotel in Osijek, we will provide volunteers for participants who arrive to Airport in Zagreb. IAESTE members will help you in Airport and show you the way to right Shuttle for Central Bus station. Also, our volunteer will wait you at Central Bus station and show you which bus is yours (if you have reserved ticket in advance) or if you have to buy them at Bus station-they will help you. If you won't have any Kunas (Croatian currency) we will show you where is ATM or Exchange office to make it easier for you. After you reach Osijek, our volunteers will wait you there(free Transportation in Osijek is provided for all participants who wants it).



If you choose to travel by train there are several information that you should know. There is no Shuttle that drives from Airport in Zagreb to Central Railway Station (Zagreb) so you will have to use public transport. Also, trains from Zagreb are first going to Vinkovci (small town in Eastern Croatia) and then you have to change the train to reach Osijek. Price ticket for train is almost same like price ticket for the bus (16-17€). Unfortunately, trains in Croatia are really old and often late so we do not suggest choosing this option.

More info

Please specify the exact date and time of arrival when registering. Free transport will be arranged for participants after reaching Osijek Airport, bus or railway station (in Osijek). Once again, please specify the EXACT time and place of arrival, flight number etc. If you're arriving before April 19th or leaving after April 22nd you will have to arrange transport on your own and and further accomodation (if you don't want to stay in Hotel Osijek which will be offered in application form).

For all questions, please contact:

Visa requirements

Citizens of some countries need a visa to enter Croatia. Please keep in mind that the visa application process may take a considerable amount of time, so make sure that you submit your visa application at the Croatian embassy or consulate in your country as soon as possible.

You can find basic information about the visa regime between the Republic of Croatia and all other countries at MFEA (open this link and choose a country from the dropdown menu on the website for quick access). Information displayed on this web site is liable to change, therefore we advise seeking additional information before travelling at the competent Croatian diplomatic mission/consular post.

In order to come and stay in Croatia you will need Visa and for easier and faster application we will send Invitation letter to consul/embassy in which you are planing to apply. It is important to understand that we are NOT applying or arranging Visa instead of you, this is only to make process faster. You will have to write (in application form) where and when are you planing to apply for Visa so that we can send this letter on time (you should make an appointment with consul/embassy until 25.3.2018-so we suggest you register for SID 2018 BEFORE 20.03.2018. for all participants who need Visa). Also, you will have to write exact date of arrival and departure from Croatia. We suggest you to apply as soon as possible because all Visa process can take time. After we send Invitation letter to selected consul/embassy you can proceed with application for Visa.

If you have any questions regarding your visa, please contact us at


Dress Code for Events:

Opening session and welcome cocktail: business casual or similar

Workshops and workgroups: casual

International evening: casual (but it is desirable to wear clothing typical or traditional in your Country)

City tour: casual

Gala dinner: formal, dress or suit

Closing session: business casual or similar

Post Conference tour: casual

Currency and payment

The currency in Croatia is the Kuna. You should always have some cash on hand. Paying by credit card is also common in Croatia but it is not possible in all stores or places so we suggest bringing some cash with you. To make calculation easier - 1€ is approximately 7.50 HRK.

Voltage and plug type

Standard voltage in Croatia is 220 volts. Type of plug is F (C is also acceptable).


Drinkable from the tap.

Opening hours

All shops are usually closed on Sundays, except some big markets (till 13:00) and shopping malls (til 21:00). There are also exceptions like petrol stations.

Public transport

Public transport tickets are bought when entering a bus or tram - you just have to ask to buy a ticket. You pay in kunas.


In Croatia a lot of people can answer you in English (especially younger people) but if they don't know how to answer, they will probably understand you and try to help you somehow.


The weather in April is mostly sunny in Croatia. Average temperatures are between 12-15°C. It is not unusual to be around 20°C at the end of April. Also, April can be rainy so we suggest checking the weather a few days before and pack clothes that are likely to be needed.

Health insurance

Be sure to have valid health insurance.

Hotel Osijek

SID 2018 will take place in the Hotel Osijek.

The hotel is situated near the beautiful Osijek walkway. It was declared the best 4-star hotel in Europe several times, and it's the largest in eastern Croatia. It's located 100m from the city center and 400m from the old center, Tvrđa. You can take a walk and explore Osijek and all its sights.

Use of the hotel's spa center is included in the fee.

When arriving in the hotel, it's necessary to register at our desk where you will be greeted by volunteers. When leaving the hotel you should check out at the reception.

When checking out, you must return your room card. In case you lose it, you must report to the reception and pay 49kn (approximately 7€).

Participants must abide to house rules of the Hotel. All damages will be charged according to the Hotel.

For additional information, please contact us: